Monday, March 9, 2009

Only in Newfoundland!

Here is the gripper strip for my new lapframe. As soon as the lapframe is ready, I will display it.

I have a funny story to share. This weekend, Pauline and I needed help to move a television. It is very, very heavy and although, we thought we might be able to move it, we decided to get help. I suggested N.P who had helped us one time before. So we looked up his telephone number in the telephone book.

NP wasn't at home, so Pauline left a detailed message with Mrs.P, telling the lady who she was and what was needed. NP returned the call about 10 minutes later, and said he would be right over.

Pauline met him in the driveway and brought him into the basement. She was laughing and I said to her where's NP? The man said he's NP! Can you imagine that there are two NPs in Meadows and Pauline got the wrong one in the telephone book!

What is the best part of my little story is that the wrong NP helped us move the television anyway! Only in Newfoundland, could this happen. By the way, we are still laughing about this mix up and I bet NP is still scratching his head too!

This is one of those moments we would never forget and neither will NP!

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