Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Design Considerations

What do you do to overcome the lack of skill in the design area and still produce quality rugs? Well, I am challenged when it comes to drawing! Talk about primitive, you bet!!And worse than a kindergarten child. I overcame my drawing inability when doing cross stitching as there is a wonderful software package I bought a few years ago, which converts any picture into a graph complete with colour keys.

Although, I have thought about using that software package to design rugs, I haven't yet. In the meantime, another great idea came to me. I took stained glass classes several years ago and I wondered if the simplistic patterns in glass could possibly translate into rug design? I think so!

There are some wonderful sites on the internet complete with free patterns. Remember my inukshuk? I am not happy with the design and more than that, I am not happy with my shading ability at this point in learning. Here's what I am going to do!

Rip it...Rip it out and using the other side of the fabric, I am going to redesign it into something simple like Mr. Puffin head! Of course, this will not be until some time on the weekend as usual the Day Job has precedence.

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