Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has sprung?

Well, maybe in the mainland but certainly not in Corner Brook. After yesterday's rain, came a freeze up overnight.

I am truly looking forward to the weekend. A bit of a busy day today but thoughts drifting as usual to the new hobby. It is truly amazing how many wonderful artists can meet in chance encounters. I purchased two beautiful books on eBay from a wonderful rug hooker, Susan. She showed me two pictures of hers and they are so beautiful. Just like Deanne, her pictures have touching stories attached to them.

Susan is living in another of Canada's secret treasures, Cape Breton Island. How often, when we get off the ferry in North Syndey, driving down the highway, just passed Baddeck, I will think I could live easily.

This weekend, I am going to try my hand at drawing my own pattern. Pretty simple, primitive style, with a couple of chickens thrown in. I have to earn my wings in rug hooking and unlike, Susan and Deanne, I have miles to go in my learning.


  1. hi julie. we have a local craft co-op that meets casually about once a month. just a sharing of work and ideas. would you like to join? email me at if you are interested. shawn

  2. Julie,
    Before long you will be a pro at rug hooking. Since you have done other handiwork I would say it will all come quite easy to you. I think you did a great job on your beginner pieces.
    We have to get you into the dyepot as we rug hookers say.....
    that co-op sounds great. I go to an occasional craft night here. We all do different things.