Monday, March 23, 2009

New Pattern

I was not happy with the inukshuk pattern for several reasons. Although, it was very well drawn, it was too small and also, it needed better colours and shading than I was ready for. It was ripped out and put away for the moment.

I had purchased some Scottish burlap and was ready for drawing my first pattern. Somewhere I had seen a simple picture of chickens and a fence. I drew it out and then, off to Staples to have it enlarged to about 11 by 17. Nervously, I traced the pattern on the Red Dot and then, transferred it to the piece of burlap I had cut and zigzaged. I was quite pleased with the results.

Although, I had a busy weekend with cleaning catch up and my second Day Job, I did have time for rug hooking and started the new pattern. With the help of a book that I bought at Amazon on basic rug hooking, I was off to a fine start. I am using wool yarn and strips in a bit of a mixed media style.

Susan sent some fine examples of rug hooking and I was drooling abit over them as they are spectacular. She has some wonderful tips and the experience of many years of rug hooking.

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