Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the beat goes on...

Actually, I was able to finish off the first chicken last night, but here is a picture of it prior to last night's hooking. It is amazing in photographs you can study them and see where you would like to make improvements. My Easter eggs are not shaped oval enough but I am learning as I go.

In the Western Star on Saturday past, was a large full page article on rug hooking in Western Newfoundland. Nice to see that there is such growing interest in this ancient art. Even a picture of Molly who I bought my first pattern from in Woody Point.

It is hard to learn an art in relative isolation, but I have done this many times before. I am able to obtain some really good techniques and tips from my fellow bloggers and from the various reference sources. Some things I still have alot of trouble with; like getting the direction of the wool correct and with the appropriate effect and of course, shading and colour usage.


  1. Julie...I think it looks great. Just a hint...hook the motifs first. Then hook the background by first hooking a row around every motif first. Go around and around then just fill in the remaining spaces...going around & around until they get smaller & smaller.

  2. Oh I meant to tell you...that is ow i changed things on My Easy Bay and the Peggy's Cove pictorials. I took photos and then looked at them on the computer. I could see what to change...what to pull out & rehook. It worked very well.