Tuesday, May 4, 2010

E. R.?

Well, the weekend was going along nicely and quietly, until Sunday morning around 2 am. Maddy started to feel sick and I thought it was just some bad bug or grass she had eaten.

Throughout the whole night, she shivered and would not settle. By 5 am, I took her out for a walk and then, put her in her crate for awhile, thinking it would pass. It didn't and by noon, a call was made to the E. R. and the vet met us at the clinic.

After x-rays and bloodwork and a through exam, Dr. O felt it was gastritis. Apparently, two days before she picked up some old silicone caulking on the ground and before you could say "Jack Rascal", she swallowed it. Thinking it would just pass through the GI tract, we didn't worry about it.

But Dr.O said it irritated her stomach and caused belly cramps and gas. You have to know Maddy as she has such a low tolerance to illness or pain. Most dogs would just be quiet, but Maddy shivers and cries like a baby.

The good news is that she is back to her old self. Yesterday, I picked up this beautiful rock and decided that as I would never have a real pitcher plant in my garden, I would paint one.


  1. Oh these fur babies tend to put us through some stressful moments! So glad Maddy is feeling better! I'm constantly trying to watch what my two are eating outside but you really can't watch them every second!

    Your rock art is so beautiful! Will you put it in your garden?

    Thanks for so faithfully stopping and commenting on my blog Julie. All my blogging friends are so precious to me. My days aren't complete until I check in on everyone! Happy weeding when you can get back to it! xxoo Cathy G

  2. Poor Maddie! Same thing happened to Millie a few years ago. She found some old "treasure" in the grass after the snow melted and ended up with fever, vomiting and what could only be described as "explosive diarrhea". Stomach infection, 24 hours on an IV drip at the Vet, antibiotics and a ridiculous vet bill.
    Give Maddie a cuddle for me, and a treat when her tummy is up to it!

  3. Ah Julie, I am glad to hear that Maddy is feeling better. It is very hard when we cannot make our babies better. My Chihuahua is allergic to flea medication and I didn't figure it out for a couple of months. Poor little guy was is so much pain He no longer gets flea meds.

    It is good that they bounce back and it is like they were never sick the day before.

  4. So glad that your Maddie is doing well, and love your picture rock!

  5. Poor Maddie...glad she is doing well now. What a cutie! We love our little ones so much, it is hard to see them suffer.

  6. So happy your doggy is fine.
    My boxer was puney earlier this week. I gave her some plain yogurt for dinner and nothing else and the next day she was better.
    I collect frogs in my garden.