Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pansy Delight!

After a medical appointment yesterday with the weather finally warm and sunny, I made a stop at a local nursery.

In my garden, I have loads of perennials but I usually place pots of annuals for bursts of colours in between the rock garden.

I have become a real fan of the much unappreciated lowly pansy and as such, I bought a flat of a variety of colours. I potted up 9 medium size pots and planters with the bearded wonders and I am not one bit afraid of any late frost to harm them! They are a hardy plant and although, they settle down their blooms in August, I can have loads of colours until then!


  1. Julie, I just bought two containers of pansies of new shades (for me, anyways) at our nursery on Wednesday..I don't have much luck with putting them directly in the ground so this year decided I would use containers...I just love those innocent little things.

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous !!!