Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lovely Day!

While the rest of Canada and many parts of the US are in record high temperatures, we have only had one day of 16C so far this year.

Last year, only one day edged to the 30C mark, so we are blessed with moderate temperatures in Newfoundland. In the evening, just open the windows and doors to the cool ocean breezes; no need for air conditioning!

Here are a couple additional pictures of different views of the garden.

On another more serious side, after receiving a number of comments which were linked to commercial and/or spam sites, I have changed my comment options to allow moderator approval.

I love comments but if you too have a number of inappropriate comments or ones that are linked to a website, maybe you should consider the same option.


  1. Your garden is stunning Julie.

    I agree with the comments moderation. It seems like spam is at an all time high right now. Sad, but true.

  2. I love everything about your garden! Your fountain is wonderful! I like a few days of hot weather but ours has started way to early. You live in a truly spectacular part of the world! Thanks for sharing more pics of your gardens! I would be in heaven there as I really love rocks! Cathy G
    ( yes, those pesky scammers etc. they persist but hopefully by moderating your comments it will stop)

  3. Your garden looks happy - not having to deal with 30 degrees in May - how crazy is that!!! My poor plants are in shock. And we are now in "northern" Ontario, where this should definitely not be happening.

    I did spend a little TLC with the plants this weekend, and hopefully, if we get the thunderstorms they are predicting for tomorrow, they will be much happier.

    Good luck with your new mat, and I'm happy my little background lesson came at the right time.

    As we are into our first month of full-time living - and at the very best time of the year - I can't believe that we have shifted our summer forward so much. I wonder what's in store for the rest of the real summer......

    I will try to share some of my garden pics. It's been fun relocating my city garden accents to the cottage garden. I'm truly an accidental gardener, but having lots of fun finding my way.

    Hope you get a bit warmer, for more than one day.