Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Joy Of Gardening!

Neighbours always comment on our garden saying it must take hours of work. The secret is, it doesn't if you routinely weed and tidy it.

Oh sure, the infrastructure was indeed, the hardest and most physical part. Hours of rock collecting, shaping, amending the poor soil, planting etc. But what joy it gives you looking back at the fruit of your labour.

I do everything in little bites, somewhat like April's Ten Minute Hooking Challenge and before I know it, mission accomplished.

Just a word of warning, gardening is addictive!


  1. Oh work indeed! How I love those rocks and the way you've made the garden on a slope! Love love it! So neat and tidy! Good advice too, to work a little at a time....... that way we might actually survive the thing we love so much! Cathy G

  2. Oh looks so pretty and peaceful. You are lucky!

  3. Very beautiful, Julie...the weeds are the worst part, for sure...gotta keep them down...Lots of work went into making this garden..

  4. How could I forget, Julie....I love your tulips, as well..