Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful Day!

We had lunch yesterday down by the port in Corner Brook. Weather has been abit on the wet and cool side but that's life in the East.

I opened up my pond when I got home from lunch and this morning, I drank my coffee with the delicious warmth of the sun, the chirp of a thousand song birds and the soothing splash of my fountain. Does life get any better than that?


  1. Sounds perfect. We have had a few beautiful days in a row also. Fingers crossed for the long weekend!! Enjoy

  2. I love the post about the workshop you took. Do you know if Molly Made Fibres sells the same kits you worked on, and do you think it something you could teach yourself?

  3. i love the view of the refreshingly salty..hehe
    - from portland with love

  4. We had two wonderful days, Julie...just great weather to be outside. I planted some seed in containers today and put them in our greenhouse. Hope they grow..I don't have the green thumb that my hubby has.
    I so love the birds singing as I am working, too...

  5. You are right my girl! It doesn't get any better! I want a fountain in the back yard sooooo bad! Cathy G

  6. Sounds good to me!!
    Fran in land-locked, freezing-to-death Calgary.