Friday, April 30, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name!

Many of my blog friends have a variety of pets or as I like to call them, fur/feather babies. Do your fur babies have "pet names"?

Maddy has several and her formal name is Ms. Maddy Mae Petunia Brown. Often, we use the less formal "Boo" or just Maddy.

We recently had to board her at the local critter camp and her camp name was "fatty Maddy". Not nice but understandable after a long winter of too many cookies and not enough exercise. She was able to trim down and came home looking much slimmer.

Here she is after her spring bath and hair cut, looking slim and vampish! Fatty Maddy, no more!


  1. Oh what a pretty fur babie! She must have missed you terribly while at the kennel. She looks so content now that she's home. How are things going with P? It's good to see you posting again...... you know I miss you when you are gone too!!! Hugs Cathy G

  2. Maddy looks quite content. Sweet pic. Millie gets lots of nick names, usually Baby Girl or Sweetie. But the staff at the Vet Clinic call her "Millicent" because they say she is so dainty and Princess-like. LOL

  3. Aren't pets great. Libby has lots of names too, Lib-Lib, Mommies Angel, Brat as she is the devil somedays.

  4. What a cutie. We have a big tubby stray tom cat called George we call him Gonga and wanted to call him that from the start until we found out that Gonga is the slang for Marijuana!! So we just call him that at home and call him George when we take him to the Vet. I also work with wool, I make handmade felt. If you are interested in looking at some of my offerings then pop over to:
    Regards, Ellie

  5. It is funny how many different names for our furry babies

    My Jack Russell, Daisy aka Daisy Mae, Baby girl, Ms. Daisy, and Daisy girl.

    My Chihuahua, Texas aka Mr Wiggles, baby Boy, and Enough pets go lay down (LOL) :) He is a big suck and cannot understand why we aren't petting him every minute his is in our presence.

    I wouldn't trade their love for anything.