Monday, April 19, 2010

Class of '69

I recently connected with a high school classmate who is trying to arrange a class reunion. I graduated in '69 but went back for one extra year, to get algebra, geometry and chemistry credits necessary to enter nursing school.

Most often, you lose touch with the people you went to high school with but you still remember some of their names and wonder where they are now.

A class list was sent and I took a quick look. It came as a shock to see that some of my classmates have passed away. I still see them in my mind's eye, full of life and eager to embrace the future. Somehow, I can't see them any differently and they will remain captured in time and space.


  1. It is fun to look back and remember those who meant so much to us at that time. It would be a shock to see that some are no longer with us. My graduating class was about 300 I suppose there are some that are gone also. Are you planning to go? Enjoy your walk down memory lane.

  2. i know how you feel , i am only 14 but i have lost a best friend and i will remember her just as you remember the people you once knew

  3. I also know about having school mates frozen in time. In July 2009 I went home to Advocate, Nova Scotia for the first time in 13 years. It was stranger to see the kids I remember as being 8 years old having kids themselves.

    Time goes on even when our memories don't.

  4. I went to my 40th last summer (also class of '69). Had never been to a reunion, but one of the best times ever! I was from a huge class, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing people from as far back as grade school. We have an on-line memorial site for those who have passed, and it's pretty long........but.........time moves on, and was glad to be part of the reunion festivities.