Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking East

This is another view of the garden. The lily bed, stone bench and fountain in the background. People always think that a garden this size takes hours and hours of work and that is my secret. Other than spring and fall clean up, put away or take out stuff, the garden once put in, just takes a bit of daily maintenance. And to be truthful, sometimes, it isn't even done daily.

I always putter around the garden in the evening, pulling a handful or two of weeds. This weekend, I am planning to top up the mulch which does help weed suppression. I said some because weeds grow no matter what. The lawn around the garden is green and cut regularly. I am not one of these people who crave a perfect, weed free lawn.

Last night, I did finish the pitcher plant and started the background colour of this square. A soft, buttery colour seemed to look good. I am using mixed fibres, both wool strips and wool yarns. I am using my sit on lapframe for now as the Cheticamp frame still on the drawing board. Thanks to Anne and Deanne with more pictures, we finally understand how this frame is made.

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  1. Your garden is so peaceful and beautiful. I'm sure when we are up at the cottage/home full time, my maintenance will be much easier. However, it will never have the Zen feel of this.

    Well done.