Monday, June 8, 2009

My Idea of Heaven!

I was looking into the Welcome Mat last week and the question of the day was where do your ideas come from for rug hooking projects? As a new rug hooker, I haven't had much inspiration on my own. Instead doing the kit rugs and the basic sunflower, puffin etc. My own idea finally dawned on me over the weekend.

My idea of Heaven! I have always pictured my heaven as a little house and beautiful garden and a yard filled with all my little pets over the years. The two dobermans, the two mini schnauzers, my little rescue Jack Russell and my current little rascal all playing with one another.

Now, if I could only draw!


  1. One way I get an accurate drawing is to print out my photo and trace around it with a Sharpie. I then take a new piece of paper and trace the lines on it. This drawing can then be taken some place and blown up to the size you want. What I like about this method is that I get better proportions then if I draw it by hand.

  2. Another way to make a pattern out of a photo is to go to and use one of the features, like cartooning a photo or use the 'inkify' setting. It is a free service, and fun. you have a Photoshop or a good graphics program, there are also filters and settings that will turn a photo into a drawing - which you can then simplify more or less, depending on how you like the results.