Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, I wasn't sure that if by the end of day today, I would still have a Day Job. But I do and I am happy to say that for the moment, I have something to support my many crafts and projects.

Approximately, 130 people lost their jobs today in the place where I work and I am sad for their loss. It could have very well been me and it may be me, later on if the industry doesn't improve. Don't believe the politicians saying the worse is over because it isn't by a long shot.

Of course, I had a couple of Plan Bs,Cs and Ds, all prepared, just in case my name came up today. Happily, these alternate plans can stay on the shelf for now and gather some dust.

I am going home tonight and will be toasting Good Luck and Good Health to our fallen coworkers who by no fault of their own, are now DayJobLess.

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