Monday, June 29, 2009

Secret Garden

My Garden is no secret and anyone who has visited it seems amazed. Sometimes, when we are sitting on the deck, we too are amazed at how beautiful it has turned out.

Some people don't do anything in their own yards; we are not like that and no matter how small or large the homestead has been, we have always taken an interest in making the outdoor space pleasant. But, in Newfoundland, there is so many things that are available to add to the garden. All of the stones and rocks were brought into the garden in our small trailer over the past 8 years and lifted and placed many times.


  1. Your garden is beautiful...Love it...those rocks look great, for sure. I use some in mine as well.

  2. The weeds, grass, bugs and heat overwhelm me and my garden suffers as a result. But yours is beautiful and looks so tranquil. I can imagine meditating up there by the inukshuk. Enjoy what you have created.

    jill in Ontario

  3. Your garden is beautiful and I wish you were my neighbour ,you could help me with mine .I couldn't get the rock placement as good as your's lovely job , just lovely.