Monday, June 1, 2009

Spinning Wheels Go Round and Round

This spinning wheel has been a part of our furniture for sometime. Years and years ago, my father was an antique dealer and he obtained this spinning wheel in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

He never sold it for some reason and it ended up staying in our house while he did not. That's life. Anyhow, last year, my mother gave it to me and now, it is part of my rec room. I never really took any notice of it until I started taking an interest in a varity of fibre arts and discovered many people who love to spin their own wool.

This spinning wheel as I found out, is circa 1840s and is a double wheel variety. It has all original parts including the bobbin and is only missing a small piece of metal which holds the bobbin. I don't know who used this wheel but when I touch it, I wish I could get a snapshot of its past. Something like the Red Violin: a great movie.

Almost finished the chickens and looking for a larger project.

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