Monday, June 22, 2009

1000+ Milestone!

Well, besides the wonderful birthday greetings, I reached a milestone on the weekend of 1000 views to my blog!! It is as good as gold to me that I have acquired a circle of rug hookers all across the country.

I have learned alot from my fellow bloggers: about their challenges, their accomplishments, their interests and of course, about rug hooking in general. This weekend, we went for a nice drive on Saturday to Trout River and Norris Point. Beautiful places indeed and quite a few of tourists from the USA already. In fact, I noticed one license plate which read ISTHEBY and had a good laugh. Newfoundlanders are everywhere and they never seem to lose the love of home.

As a tri-provincial person: born in Quebec, worked and lived in Ontario for many years and in NL on a steady basis since 2000, I have come to see the good in each of the provinces I have called home.

Thank you to all who have visited and enjoyed this little spot of mine. Oh by the way, chickens finished and I will start Anne's pattern this week.

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  1. Hey there,

    Sorry I missed the big day, but many happy reruns if slightly belated. School was such fun and what a great group we had. One of my Cambellford gals is an ex-Newf and the lilt is still there in her voice. She is probably one of the finest folks I have met in a long time.

    There were many ex-Maritimers there, including Betty Calvert, one of the new teacher trainees who also hails from Fredericton.

    Several of the new teachers came from Kenora and Fort Frances, so there were many miles travelled to get together.

    I don't know who had more fun - them meeting one another for the first time, or the rest of us watching their antics.

    Your new rug looks very interesting. Can't wait to see the progress.