Friday, February 13, 2009


It must be a mid winter rambling that brought me to blogging last February. And here I am one year later, finding new directions.

My mind has always been abit of a mine field. Going from one thing to another and in the middle, discovering something new that again, tweaks my interest. This year and I can't even tell you how it happened, I googled rug hooking and that simple action, set up a whole new world of crafting.

I have always loved fiber arts such as petit pointe, cross stitching, knitting, quilting. I discovered a fresh new way of self expression. Then, I ordered a starter kit from Molly Made in Rocky Harbour. When it arrived, I looked it over but didn't start it until I had watched Gene Sheppard's video on Youtube. I must have watched that a dozen times before I opened my kit.

I had the kit sitting on the dining room table and once I had the nerve to open it up and give it a try a couple of times, it was as if I was born to this craft. Rug hooking is so much faster than the other fiber crafts I have done. And another added bonus is that you can be as creative as you want or as simple.
I don't know but it may be because of my surroundings in the beautiful Bay of Islands, Newfoundland, that has a profound effect on my creativity. Or it just may be my everchanging diversity as a Gemini.
Life, one thread and one stitch at a time!

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  1. hi julie. so interesting that you found me in england! yes - there are alot of fibre artists on the west coast - check out some of my links - niki (knixknits) (your neighbour in summerside!) is a knitter, brenda (brendastrattontextiles) works with silk and felt, rilla (marshallarts) weaves. my dear, it's a hotbed! i got my ball winder on ebay. cheers, shawn