Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Monday

Well, it's Monday again and so quickly, the weekend flies by. Sunday, we went snowshoeing in the nearby Prince Edward Park. It was a glorious day of brilliant sunshine and blue skies and not too cold. This is the best time of the winter in the Bay of Islands where you get to enjoy some outdoor activities besides shovelling, shovelling and more shovelling.
I finished off my first attempt at rug hooking and it looks pretty darn good, if I must say so. I am now going ahead with the mug rug kit which uses wool strips. I got used to the rug hooking style with wool yarn, so it is a bit different with the wool strips. I've looked at some of the professionals like Gene Sheppard and really, there stitches are so perfect. All the wool strips leaning in the same direction. So much like little soldiers. Deanne Fitzpatrick's style is more relaxed and as she says in her video, let the stitches go where they want.
We are supposed to get a storm today but that's alright as we are on the downside of winter. Only 26 days to spring!!

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