Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'd Rather Be....

Here is the Henry Larsen cutting through the channel in the Bay of Islands. This picture is taken from the dining room window, so you can see what a gorgeous unobstructed view we have.

Yesterday's storm blew in at 12:30 and blew out at 3:30, so it was nothing at all. I was amazed at finding so many hookers all over the world and their techniques are amazing.

This blog is a great place for me to store all these contacts and share them with others. I didn't do any hooking last night as I was not in the mood. But,right now, here at the desk of my day job, I'd rather be hooking, of course.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    I'm so glad you dropped by my blog so I could discover yours. I love the kitchen story, the pictures, your ramblings - everything about your blog including your big 0s in your name.

    I am a born and bred Maritimer (from Fredericton) who has been living in Toronto for my entire grown up life - although I am still 19 on the inside.

    Although I did quite a few trips back in the first few years here, kids and life have gotten in the way lately, so this past October when I went to Deanne's symposium, I felt reconnected in all the best ways.

    You are correct - she is the best! and such a positive influence on everyone she meets. She truly is a
    hub in this art form. She connects and inspires people. And her circle is very big. Like everyone else, I feel honoured to know her.

    I will add your blog to my list - I've been a bit remiss lately. And I really need to do some updating, like my friend Jenn at FishEyeRugs.

    I hope we all stay as passionate about all of this as we are right now - I can't see that changing.

    Talk soon.