Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dreaming of the Weekend

I was sure when I woke up this morning, that it was Friday. It was a dream as it is only Thursday. I am not wishing my time away but having said that I am looking forward to the weekend.

It is such a beautiful bright day right now. This morning, I opened the patio doors and I looked at across the bay as the dawn broke. The early birds at the feeder were chipper and frisky; so spring can't be far behind. Life in Canadian's most easternly province is quiet, laid back and for the most part, is trudging along as it has for more than five hundred years. No wonder there are so many seniors in this province over 90 and 100 years old.

1 comment:

  1. it will be great to meet you this weekend. please introduce yourself - i'll probably be at the wheel.
    ps in all the hooking i've done over the years - i've never used a frame - even for the 4'x4' mats - just lay it across my lap and start from the middle and work out so it doesn't buckle...