Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hooking Along!

As you may recall, I have started a hooking group at the Day Job. We are quite small, only four, myself included but we are having a great time.

Here are two of the rugs in progress. I am absolutely impressed with the original designs and the imagination of these two projects. The lighthouse is done all in yarns and the fishing rooms, in mixed media.

I am currently back working on the Hearts and Flowers that I started last spring. It is in the rec room on my Cheticamp frame and now, with the cool, rainy weather, I am back in the house with the woodstove to keep out the chill!


  1. Hi Julie,
    All three rugs are gorgeous! Every loop is perfect! I too am impressed with the design work. We have had wood fires in the furnace the last three or four nights now. I think summer is officially over LOL!
    Happy Hooking!
    Cathy G

  2. Good looking projects, Julie...I love lighthouses and houses in general, of course...Nice to share your hooking knowledge with others and great to have a laugh at times....

  3. I'm working on a lighthouse rug too!