Friday, October 15, 2010

Time for Another NL Quiz!

One thing about living in Newfoundland is certainly getting used to not only the accent but words that I have never heard before.

Many people always comment about my "Ontario" accent which comes as a surprise as I don't think I have an accent, let alone an Ontario accent.

But here we go;

1) Tallywack

2) Garinipper

3) Whinker

4) Shuck

5) Rightify

Put on your thinking caps and by the way, have a great weekend.


  1. so are you going to give us the definitions?

  2. Yes, but only after you try first!

  3. Oh how I have missed these. I hope you get lots of funny answers so I can giggle.
    Here are my dopey responses:
    1) Tallywack - to beat someone with a stick
    2)Garinipper - either a tiny little fish or sparkly pasties for Nfld strippers
    3)Whinker - Is that like a wanker??
    4)Shuck - to remove the outer covering like the husk of a corn or removing the oyster from its shell
    5) Rightify - to fix a wrong (like some of my answers need to be rightified)