Monday, October 25, 2010

Raclette Weekend

This was another wet and windy weekend which was perfect for raclette grilling. I used our new raclette grill for the first time on the weekend and had a fun time. It is the "new" fondue technique of the 70s and 80s and if you haven't tried it, here is what it is.

Raclette is a Swiss Cheese dish that has been popular for centuries. There are different opinions about who started it. Some say shepherds in the mountains, other say it was the grape harvesters in the vineyards of the Valais region of Switzerland. No matter who, fact is that after a hard days work, they gathered around a campfire and held the cut surface of their local cheese against the glowing coals. As the cheese melted, they scraped (french: raclet) it off onto potatoes and pickles, thus coming to bear the name "raclette". Everybody agrees, that it took place in the Valais region of Switzerland and that the original cheese was made there.

Today there are countless varieties of healthy meals each person can prepare while sitting together at the dining table around an indoor grill. Sharing stories over drinks while creating personalized dishes on a racette grill or with a raclette melter is an activity everyone will love. And you’ll be cooking with your friends, not for them.

I didn't have a theme raclette but had a selection of cold cuts, cheeses, pickles, potatoes, and eggs. It was great fun!


  1. I've never seen one before but it looks like you could do all kinds of fun things with food. My family are picky eaters so I don't experiment too much.

  2. I'll bet the cheese is yummy that way! Is it hard to clean after the cheese sticks to it? We used to fondue a lot back in the 80's. Haven't done that for years........funny how things change.
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Cathy and Kim

    You just fill your little individual trays in layers and slip underneath the grill careful not to make it too high. You use the top grill for larger pieces like potatoes. Clean up is basically the top grill if used and the little trays and push tongs. I have eight, some have more for larger groups. More fun than fondue!

  4. Hi Julie,
    I have never heard of this gadget, either. Looks interesting and I'll bet the food is interesting and yummy, too...

  5. I look forward to the cooler months because of raclette! @ Orange Sink they make non-stick raclette grills. Both the grill and the cheese dishes are non-stick. @ Kim raclette is great for picky eaters. You can totally customize the meal to suit your tastes and picky eaters can cook and eat whatever they want. Great post, I love raclette!