Monday, October 18, 2010

Answers to Friday's Quiz

I had a great laugh as usual with the answers from Kim. But here are the real definitions to Friday's Quiz.

1) Tallywack: A rascal or a scallywag

2) Garnipper: An extremely large biting mosquitoe.

3) Whinker: A wicker or neigh from a horse.

4) Shuck: A cloth covering on a mitt or a boot.

5) Rightify: To correct, recitify or make right.

The weekend went back in a flash as usual and weather has not been good with lots of rain and very few days of sunshine. Busy getting ready for the snow to come; garden has mostly been put to bed and still a few things to do.


  1. I like Kim's answers, too, Julie...makes me laugh..she is such a charmer.

    This is a busy time of year, to say the least but then again, when is it not busy??
    I always say that I had more spare time when I was working full time than since I retired.... LOL!! Life is good...AND FULL...

  2. Gee, 1/5 LOL P.S. Stop talking about snow so soon. If it snows soon it will push me directly off the ledge!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I don't know how to rightify this. Guess I'm just a complete tallywack! I was going to try guessing and got off track with something else and then completely whinkered out! Went back and read Kim's comments though..dang she's good at this! One thing I've learned from your game is that these huge Garnipper's we have here in WI must have originated in Canada. Thank-you for that! LOL

    Cathy G

  4. hahhhahha, Cathy!!! What a sense of humour you have. No those garnippers must come from Texas, as everything big there!!