Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Works by Day, hooks by night!

Anyone reading the title of today's ramblings would certainly do a double take. Did I read that correctly?

You really have to be so careful when you tell people you hook, they might take it the wrong way. I try to hook alittle every day, usually after supper and before bed. With the summer evenings. lots of sunlight until 9:30 in the evening. I listen to the splash of the fountain and the twittering of the birds and the strum of my hook.

Thoughts coming and going; of future projects, weeds not pulled and other chores left undone. As Anne said in her blog today, how can anyone be bored?

1 comment:

  1. Julie, at least you are getting some hooking done. I am in Paradise right now and will be here until my son and his wife get some interior painting done while I get the greatest job---baby sitting...
    As for hooking, I always say "It took me a long time to become a hooker " but I love every minute of it. My hook will be hot when I get home, bet your life on that....