Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Even on Rainy Days,

the scenery in Newfoundland is spectacular. This is a picture of Woody Point and today, one of the largest cruise ships is parked in that harbour.

It rained buckets and buckets since yesterday and we even got thunder and lightening which rarely happens. I did only a couple of stitches last night on my dory and absolutely nothing else.

Through the night, the electricity was off for a second or two, enough to make everything blink. I got up around 4am, remembering to reset the automatic coffee maker for morning, only to discover, I hadn't even prepared the coffee as I usually do, last thing in the evening. So I started to fill the water, filter and the ground coffee...oops..no coffee left in the small container.

I had to laugh at myself as I went to the pantry, trying to be ever so quiet as not to awaken the house. Being on the healthier side of OCD, I was amazed at myself for forgetting the nightly routine!


  1. really wonderfull


    come to see me

  2. See what the thunder & lightening can do to us LOL!! We had the same kind of weather last night, as well. Honestly, I feel better about hooking when it is raining {at daytime}, then I don't feel guilty about not getting my outside work done....