Friday, July 31, 2009

Why I like to Blog?

1. Meet like minded people from different parts of the universe.
2. Helps me keep a journal of my thoughts and projects.
3. Develops new approaches to problems like the 10 minute challenge.
4. Overcomes the isolation of living in a remote area.
5. Passes the time while at the day job.
6. Place to post pictures etc, much like a bulletin board.
7. I like to write down my ideas and ramblings.
8. It gives me a permanent record.
9. Forces me to ask questions and find answers.
10. Finally, because I like writing my blog because I like reading blogs.

There is a tangible sense of community and a realization that we are all the same in this life and yet, come from many backgrounds.

Learn to blog and blog to learn.

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