Thursday, July 23, 2009

Flag of Newfoundland

I didn't forget to upload the pictures of my now completed second icon in my rug project. Actually, started the third one: a fishing boat tied up at a wharf. I think that the blue of the cloudless sky really brings out the beauty of our provincial flag.

I am not a NLer but have really come to appreciate the culture of my now, third province. Newfoundland has so many things that make it unique and distinct. The only province with a provincial anthem, its own dog and pony, a dictionary, an encyclopedia, most giving people (StatsCan), and I could go on.

I think that all Canadians should spend time in a province other than their place of birth as we would then come to appreciate the wonder of each province and forget the differences.


  1. Excellent, Julie, I love the blue color.Looking forward to seeing more...Keep up the good work

  2. This is so pretty! Can't wait to see how it comes along!