Monday, April 6, 2009

Relaxing Weekend

Well, Friday's post on the picture of the bay ice disappearing is already redundant. Over the weekend, there was abit of rain on Saturday and temperatures got up to 12 on Sunday. This morning, all ice in the bay directly across from my view is gone, gone, gone.

Of course, a good "in the bay" breeze could blow it back in. Now, the big date will be when the winter pilot boat goes into dry dock and the smaller summer pilot boat goes into the water.

We put the barbeque out on the deck, but did not take the plastic sheeting down off the front deck and just as well as a skiff of snow overnight. Looking forward to nice long weekend for the Easter break.

I worked on the chickens and got quite abit done and will take a picture tonight. Also, spent some time looking through Shawn's books. They are very good.

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