Monday, April 27, 2009


My second passion is gardening and I certainly was able to putter in the garden this weekend. The weather on Saturday just stunning and for half the day on Sunday.

The first picture is looking towards the north and still doesn't encompass the magnitude of this garden. The second picture provides a close up of the three tiers. What you can't pick out in these pictures is the small pond, the lily garden and the 20 feet still to be developed towards the gate.

Every rock was gathered in a variety of areas on the West Coast and placed into a small trailer. Needlessly to say, these rocks were handled several times before finding their final resting place. And yes, all done by Pauline and I.

Believe it or not, gardening doesn't have to be alot of work. I cleaned up all the old plants, trimmed the shrubs and trees, set out the solar lights. The pond won't be started up until after the threat of frost. And still had time to sit on the front deck and admire the handy work.

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  1. Hi Jules :

    That's a beautiful garden.
    I think your next project should be that garden in yarn.