Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful and Useful

Here is an earlier picture of my new octagon sit/on hooking frame. Since this picture was taken, the carding strips were added and some minor adjustments and shaping to the seat. It is such a nice frame to use and last evening, I removed the chickens and put them on the new frame as I am working on the final border.

The hoop frame was okay but for the larger projects, I really didn't like crushing the rug with the hoops and of course, the carding strips eliminates this problem. I really admire people who have the ability to make things like this.

Pauline, thank you for being so handy and making this incredible frame!!


  1. Great frame. The first time I have seen one shaped like that.
    Does it tilt back * forth for you?
    I also do NOT like hoops. I do not like them crushing my loops.
    I have a rectangular frame similar to this one with it.

  2. Yes, Susan, it turns 360 degrees and tilts every which way. I like it because it has a sit on seat but the seat can be removed, and then, frame can used directly on table.

    Large working space too.