Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Three Little Houses!

You may recognize this style as a Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern and you would be correct!

When I first took up rug hooking, I had purchased some #8 wool strips on eBay but never used them. So when I got one of Deanne's patterns, I wanted to use only wool strips on this project.

I started out using wool yarns, so I was quite used to yarn as opposed to wool strips. I must say the change to wool strips is taking some getting used to. I have watched Deanne's new video several times for some tips and hints and this has certainly helped.

I have had to make a few changes in my hooking technique but I am enjoying the different look of the wool strips.


  1. I had the smae problem, but in reverse. When I started adding some fancy yarns etc to my rugs its so different than pulling the wool strips. I love your colorful little houses.

  2. You picked a great pattern to try wool strips on for the first time! Love the colors! I think you are doing a great job!
    Cathy G

  3. Looks good ~ I'm anxious to try one of Deanne's patterns!! I didn't realize that you hook with yarn ~ I bet you'll like using wool! I hook in 9's and 9.5 cuts ~ you can cover a lot of territory pretty quick!!

  4. Julie, this is just "lovely". I love the bright colors. I try small amounts of wool material sometimes in my mats and it is very different to use...As a matter of fact, I don't care to use it...I guess it is just a matter of what you begin with...I'm sure it works up faster than t-shirt, etc., that I use but then again, that is what I was taught and Like to use...cheers