Friday, July 23, 2010

Garden Pictures!

Sadly, the garden is starting to peak in its blooms and colours. I took these pictures this morning while everything was still damp from yesterday's rain.

I can feel the changes even though they are subtle; more dew in the mornings and cooler nights. Blue jays have returned from the back country and the robins have stopped their egg laying.


  1. Beautiful pictures. That vase in the first photo is awesome. I love it. We planted just a few flowers this year and they are looking kind of sad!

  2. I love how you appreciate the subtle changes! I love your flowers and your garden is glorious! Savoring late summer!
    Cathy G

  3. Great minds think alike, Kim...My eyes landed on the vase immediately...not physically now...
    Your flowers/garden is wonderful, Julie...My lilies are not opened yet...I do think the ones I have are a late one but they are beautiful when opened..The weather is sooooo bad here; just about every day is rain and fog...the poor flowers has mildew on the flower and leaf...disgusting!!

  4. Julie ~
    The garden pictures are lovely. In northern Ohio there are the subtle changes, too. The crickets are so noisy ~ a sign to me that things are a changin'. Thankfully, we got some much needed rain last night so hopefully things will green up a bit.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Our lilies are just about done here and most of the stuff is past it's hubby has a few tropicals, so they are the stars right now. Kind of sad when the "show" is coming to an end.

  6. I was led to your blog to see your rugs which are gorgeous but then I saw you garden! You have such a beautiful garden! It looks so tranquil. I Love it.