Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Number Three and I am Free!

Well, my third little mat is now completed and I am free to start a new project! My goal as you may recall, was to finish all the small hookings before I thought about anything else. This is the mat from the creative stitchery course with Molly from "Molly Made". I did not finish the grass in the suggested brick/basket stitch as I tried but could not achieve that stitch. Sorry Molly but I need a refresher.

I really love the course I took and used the reverse stitch on the pathway and the sky. The clapboard on the house is done in a straight stitch with a darning needle and not hooked. I finally learned how to do a French Knot for the flowers.

The weather in western NL has turned very warm and today, we have finally reached 29 and it has been quite humid and rainy the past few days but today, we are in brilliant and very hot sunshine. The good thing about being on the east coast is that we don't need air conditioning. At night, just open all the windows and catch the cool breezes!


  1. Love your little mat! I like all the different stitches and techniques you are using! Really gives it dimension and interest. Great job! Can't wait to see what you are going to do next!

    We are supposed to get some storms here tomorrow afternoon. The weather seems more like August than July!

    Cathy G

  2. Such a cute little mat Julie. Great work. The heat and humidity has been here all week, but the cool breezes must have gone on vacation!

  3. Congrats on making your goal! I try to set goals like that for myself sometimes and it is always so wonderful when you make them :-D