Friday, July 2, 2010

Number Two Finished!

This is the little tea mat I started in February. I never felt the colours were right but glad it is finished as I am tired of it.

I watched Deanne's video yesterday afternoon and it is like she says great mats are sometimes purely by accident. If you have something that's not working, Deanne says stop worrying about it!

What an inspirational artist she is, and the ebb and flow of her pieces often leave me speechless! She is not worried about where her stitches go and if they line up like little soldiers. It is the overall movement and colours that make the difference.

Mat #3 is the small creative stitchery mat that I started recently and will finish next.

One of my fellow bloggers, Jacque from Ohio, asked about using wool yarns. I love the versatility of yarn, the texture of using slub and fleece and of course, the availability. Try yarn for a change!


  1. I love that little tea pot mat! I think the colors are perfect! I like Deanne's philosophy of not worrying about perfect loops.. ! Can't wait to see your next mat and design! Cathy G

  2. I like your little teapot. But I agree, if a rug hangs around too long unfinished - I get sick of it too. Then it becomes a chore, as opposed to a project. Deanne has dragged me kicking a screaming into more yarns and slubs and even ribbons! I love it....even though I initially resisted.

  3. Well Julie I am taking your advice and giving yarn a try.. going from #8 cuts of wool to the thinness of yarn is not a quick journey.. but like anything else I think practice will get me there.

  4. I think your tea pot mat is just adorable! Love everything about it, especially the colors. As for my bag, that's a pattern I drew on a large rectangle and hooked a hit n' miss border. It was fairly easy, and hooked up pretty fast. Thanks for checking in!


  5. I just love these little tea mats you do, Julie...