Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mausey Weather!

In one of my NL quizes, I used the word "mausey" and this is the perfect word for the weather all across NL and of course, the rest of Canada and the US. HOT, HAZY and HUMID!

We were 29 degrees yesterday and with the humidity, it was about 35. But by the time the sun went to bed, the cool ocean breezes cool down the house and I slept without any fan or air conditioning. We are lucky but then, we pay for it in the winter.

Here are a couple of pictures of the Bay of Islands after the rain on Sunday, complete with a rainbow. The other looking towards the west from my deck. Keep cool!


  1. The colors in those photos are gorgeous. And I remember that word from one of your quizzes. Lol

  2. Julie,
    My goodness! How do you get any work done with views like that from your deck! I'd want to sit all day and gaze! Gorgeous!
    Cathy G

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