Monday, February 14, 2011

Signs of Spring?

Or has this poor, lonely robin been caught in a wind and blown to the West Coast? This weekend was spent in long hours of snowshovelling, plowing and cursing at the weather we have been having.

Since the sacrifice to Url in January on Marble Mountain around the 9th of January, we have had non stop snow events. I wonder if there is a snow cessation sacrifice to some sort of obscure Viking diety?

On a brighter note, I noticed a couple of chickadees scoping out my birdhouse for a little love nest, so indeed, we are on the downside of winter!


  1. Signs of Spring?? From your lips to God's ears!

  2. It was just this morning that my DH and I were saying that we hadn't seen a Robin this year...For the last number of years, they have been around throughout the winter...Guess they are too smart this year...Anyways, Julie, maybe we will see one soon.....

  3. Love a robin sighting! We are anticipating a bit of a thaw later this week. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a little 'red-breasted' friend.
    Have a lovely Valentine's!

  4. Looks like the last hooking I just did Winter Robin...