Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Parallel worlds, polar shifts!

Even main stream media is now talking about parallel worlds, polar shifts and preparedness and that frightens me. A couple of us stood in the hall this morning talking about the strange weather, earthquakes, and the unsettling they have in their souls.

I worry about the future sometimes in the quiet of night or while pulling wool in my latest project. But as my Mom says, the future will take care of itself.

I am thinking of a theme for our rug hooking group at work. A small project that we can all work on together and bring out our own level of uniqueness.

Do you have any ideas that might be fun! Let me know! More fun thinking of rug hooking than polar shifts!


  1. As for a new project - all I can think about are spring things so tulips, chicks etc are my suggestions.

    Now for the parellel worlds .... So if there is an opposite universe out there that means that there is a young, beautiful, skinny me roaming around....Scary!

  2. You know Kim, only you could come up with that! Parallel worlds sounds like a gemini dream...