Saturday, February 19, 2011


I don't believe my rug hooking projects are completely finished until they are bound and steamed. So this week, I completed the yarn binding on both projects and steamed them this morning. I can finally declare both bound and finished!

No more talk about the weather but I can finally say that after receiving 265 cm or 9 feet of snow since January 16th, 2011, we have had a break and hopefully, the end to winter!


  1. Beautiful work!!...I feel the same way about the binding....not finished til its bound! Saying that I have two rugs to bind this weekend..before I am allowed to put another one on the frame!! Self control is a hard thing :-)

    The hearts rug is AWESOME!

  2. Both rugs are gorgeous Julie! Where do you display them in your home?
    Has Gabrielle peeked her head out yet from under all that snow?
    Hope spring is not too far off..... we still have some big ol snow banks around here that are taking forever to melt!
    Cathy G

  3. Hi Cathy

    The small one is a table pad and the Hearts/Flowers is going at the foot of a bed as a rug. Gabrielle has even more snow on her, she looks like Atlas with the world on her head/shoulders!

  4. Julie, they are both great. Hearts and flowers will look great beside a bed. Now....what's next?
    You asked about my frame. I don't have a cheticamp but maybe someday I will be able to have a dedicated craft room and then I will get one. I just use a simple pine lap frame with carpet tack. And it tilts. I did buy a fancier one last year with gripper strips and it rotates 360 etc, but I always go back to my original cheapy frame.

  5. Julie, they are both beautiful but you know which one would be my favorite....The houses, of course..

  6. Oh, I love both of your rugs! Good job "really" finishing them. I have two that need the same treatment. Hope to do that this week.

  7. I love your rugs I am in the process of binding a rug right now.
    we are looking for snow in NH on Monday I have had enough.