Monday, February 7, 2011

Nowhere to Go but UP!

Well, I am sure that everyone is tired of snow stories but here are some more pictures. In about 16 days, we have gone from none to lots. My inukshuk, Gabrielle is holding up snow on her shoulders. The garden buried under a mountain of snow.

Most of the weekend was spent on snow removal but I did get my new project outlined and on my wonderful Cheticamp frame. It is going to be quite large and hopefully, I will have some pictures soon and less on the snow front.


  1. Ah yes...snow and more snow. Beautiful pics you've got there, if you like the stuff! Ha, ha. Can't wait to see what you are putting on the frame. I'm in the same spot...something new to the frame. Now I only need time to start it!

  2. I am in denial and trying to think of things as "nowhere to go but down" and I'm hoping that will apply to the snow banks. Down, down, down

  3. Those pics look more like one would expect in your part of the world this time of year! It is beautiful..... but I'm betting you would like to see Gabrielle lose her snowy blanket!
    Anxious to see what's going on your frame!
    Cathy G

  4. Snow makes beautiful pictures, Julie...We are expecting a "batch" later today. will we be lucky enough for it to pass, I wonder???

    Starting a new rug today, too...First for me for this one....