Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pottering Along!

I am working on Harry mostly now and then. The picture doesn't do his cloak justice. I used a black and gold ribbon for the folds of his cloak and it shimmers when you look at it.

I am also working on my new larger project on the Cheticamp frame and when I have the bottom border completed, I will post some pictures.

Yesterday, our rug hooking group decided on a project which we will all work on next. The size was decided at 14 x 24, it must be at least 50% tee shirt material, contained a building, a tree, flowers and at least, one animal. It is made up of all elements that we would like to practise on and it should be fun to work on a similar project together.


  1. OMG - I love Harry. When I looked at it I could hear him saying "Don't tinkle on the seat or you'll get the bad end of this wand".

  2. I agree with Kim...Harry sure looks super. Can't wait to see the end result...
    Good idea about friends doing a mat together...Probably it will go for a fund raiser???