Monday, March 8, 2010

Women's Day-March 8th

First of all, it is International Women's Day today and I have been taking the time to think of a list of 50 women who changed the world. Back in the 70s when I first moved to Toronto, I was a part of the Women's Liberation organization in that community.

Where have all the "libbers" gone as we were called in the day. Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Kate Millett, Germaine Greer all aging as I am. Has the movement aged into oblivion? What happened to the passion for change that fueled the consciousness raising of forty years ago?

Who knows but are we all toddering in our gardens, muttering to ourselves?

I am hoping that the spirit of the movement will continue to inspire us all. The struggle remains, sadly.


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  2. Sorry that was me having a typo after I read through upon publishing.

    I basically said:

    Unfortunately for centuries it has been "a Man's World' and I think it will continue to be so. Sad, but true. I am not sure when woman fell out of favor as rulers and goddesses, but it happened a very long time ago. We have never regained our status.

    I have told my husband again and again that when I come back in my next life I want to be a man. With my luck the tables will have finally turned and when my wish is granted it will be woman who once again rule and not men.

    C'est la vie!