Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Quiet as Horses

Anyone who knows about horses, knows that is definitely not true. During the winter, our neighbour houses two horses in his barn which is really his garage. Lately, the horses when inside, have been kicking and kicking. I think they feel spring in the air and want to get out and kick up their heels.

Today is P's 59th birthday and on this auspicious day, she is in St. John's and meeting with the heart surgeon who will perform a miracle on her defective heart valve.

Do you ever wonder about the people you trust with your life. What kind of year have they had? Do they have any health issues? And the obvious, how much they drink the night before the big day?

Many times per day, we trust our lives in the hands of perfect strangers and never give them a second thought. The truck driver in front of you, the bus driver, the pilot, the mechanic, and yes, the surgeon.


  1. I always was grateful that doctors and dentists didn't have their report cards posted on the wall that proudly boasts their credentials. I wouldn't want to know what they weren't good at. But I always remind myself - either to their credit or discredit - that they are all humans, just like us. And we all have days that aren't as great as others, no matter what we do. With much greater consequence if you are a surgeon - or worse, a hairdresser. (tee hee) Hope all goes well and results are good.

  2. Dear Julie,
    I can tell you a thing or two about heart surgeons! Having just gone through it all in Oct. with my Mom. It is scary. But, you have to have faith in these humans who perform miracles and they certainly do. If there is ever anything you want to ask as you go through this be sure and write. We had such good Cardiologist's and Dr.s and I was never afraid to ask them questions. My prayers and healing thoughts will be with you and P every step of the way. Blessings to you! Cathy G

  3. Julie, I sure hope things go well for P...Isn't it odd that you should write about this at this particular time....I just received a call from my sister-in-law that my brother, who has been in hospital for two weeks now, has to have a triple bypass surgery tomorrow...I will be worried until it is over...We have to trust in our medical teams, don't we....

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