Tuesday, March 23, 2010


While we have had very mild weather, my search for our first robin of spring has proven fruitless.

On seeing the first robin of the year, I have been known to recite the spring poem. You know the one; spring is sprung etc. It is bad luck to chant it before seeing the first robin of the year, so I won't finish it for now.

A couple of chickadees have taken up residence in one of the birdhouses and are busy nest building. But a spring storm is looming on our horizon for the next two days so I hope, if any eggs have been laid, that they will survive the blast.


  1. Julie, our robins were very late this year. We just saw our first one over the weekend. They'll be there soon!

  2. Hi Julie,
    It is strange that we haven't seen any robins here yet especially since the snow is gone. Their arrival makes it official that Spring has sprung as you say! Hope the storm is not too bad. Stay safe! Cathy G

  3. Julie, we saw our first robin one day last week; today there are two around...such beautiful birds....probably after tomorrow's bad weather that is forecasted, we may have to wait awhile before we see them again....