Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Progress on Mat

Kim must have been reading my mind and I was thinking too, it is about time to update the progress on Hearts and Flowers. It is coming along but I am not sure about my chosen colours at this point.

But I will persist as I am not going to do any reverse hooking. It is going in a small room and I wanted it to have some light shades to brighten the room. We shall see.

Going ahead with the rug hooking group at work and have set a date for next week. So far, there are five of us and there would be more but some employees have a different lunch time and a shorter one. But there is quite a bit of enthusiasm within the group.


  1. Your colors are great Julie! Your rug is already very cheerful and sure to brighten the room. I can't wait to hear how your group does next week! Take some pics too if you can! Hope you are finding some relief from all the stress....... it certainly takes it's tole on us in these times of uncertainty. It's hard to accept things we can't change. One day at a time and somehow we find our way! Blessings and Beautiful thoughts for you today Julie! Cathy G

  2. Very Nice Julie, it looks quite large from my screen.


  3. I love this rug. And I think your color choices are great. Its going to be perfect!!!