Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don't shop, Adopt!

I always believed that hOOkwOrM would maintain its overall interest in rug hooking and stay clear from any political or personal opinions. But it is at this time of year, that I strongly urge people to consideration adoption of pets and not purchasing.

I have had six beautiful dogs in the past 25 years and I used to obtain my pets through breeders and/or pet stores. There were my two Doberman, Babe and Bonnie, my two mini schnauzers, Heidi and Pepper, my first Jack Russell, Weezie and now, my second Jack, Maddy.

Weezie was my first rescue dog and her life, a tragedy of abandonment and starvation. We only had this darling dog for five years and lost her to kidney disease likely as a result of her earlier malnutrition.

Maddy has never been mistreated but she was just "too much" of a Jack Russell for a senior in Lewisporte. She is almost three and has turned out to be a beautiful and intelligent little darling and we love her very much.

With so many abandoned animals in our communities, consider not shopping, but adopting a suitable pet. These are two lovely pets available at our local shelter.


  1. They are such adorable little creatures. I like this post Julie. There is so much to be done in giving good homes and loving care to the animals that share our planet and that are such blessings! They all deserve the best! You are the best! Merry Christmas! XXOO Cathy G

  2. I agree with you Julie about giving a pet a home for Christmas or any time of year.

    There would be a lot less animals in shelters if people researched types of dogs. What their personalities are like, how big they can grow, exercise needs, etc...

    I too own a Jack Russell, Daisy, and a Chihuahua, Texas. Everyone thinks they are very hyper and those types of breeds are, but my dogs are trained and they are more like cats. Texas loves to sleep A LOT and Daisy likes to lay next to you when she is not playing with her toys.

    Puppies are cute but they do grow into dogs.

    Here is a blog where I included a picture of Texas.


    Here is one of both of my babies


    How can I not love these cuties?

  3. Thanks for the comments, Cathy and Mary. Mary, I loved your post on your two babies. My Jack is exactly the same! Loves the snow and naps all day like a cat.

  4. Bless you! I think this post is not POLITICAL, but practical and heartfelt. My dogs are also adopted and I've pledged to never "buy" another dog in my lifetime and to become an advocate for adopting.