Monday, December 14, 2009

The Answers!

First, before the answers to the latest NL Quiz, here is the view from my deck looking out to the Bay of Islands.

Can't you see the bay? No, neither could I and only this morning, were the lights across the bay visible. We have had continual snowsqualls since Wednesday.

Now, the answers.

1) Jig house: A boarding house for mariners which usually sells illegal alcohol.

2) Pampooty: Kim's answer was the best ever but pampotties are soft shoes for children, usually made of hide.

3) Gut Foundered: One right answer from very, very hungry.

4) Lassy Bug: This is a Ladybug and when you catch a ladybug, a child says the poem...lassy bug, lassy bug, give me some lassy (which is molasses). And when the ladybug leaves a brown spot on your hand, you got your molasses. (Or at least, a dirty hand!)

5) Toutin: Another right answer from anonymous, fried bread dough from the French word, toutin which is pancake.

I think I enjoy these quizes a lot especially the answers!!

1 comment:

  1. I love these quizzes. Always good for a giggle. And the ladybug one makes sense now. I was fixed on molasses.
    Thanks Julie