Friday, December 11, 2009

Another Newfoundland Quiz

Here it is as per the many requests, another Newfoundland Quiz to test your ability to define NL language.

1) Jig House

2) Pampooty

3) Gut foundered

4) Lassy Bug

5) Toutin

Good Luck with this one and everyone, enjoy the weekend and take time for yourselves!


  1. OK This should be good for a laugh, but here are my guesses.
    Jig House - A dance hall
    Pampooty - a dirty diaper (I know I'm wrong but it makes me giggle)
    Gut foundered - Has to be something about the stomach and I can't decide between hungry or full.
    Lassy Bug - a molasses cookie??
    Toutin - someone with bad gas. LOL couldn't resist - thats what I thought of first! hehe

  2. Darn! I posted my comment and it didn't go through. I'll have to see what my stupid answers were ...

    1) Jig House: a modular house or one that is manufactured and just set upon a piece of land.

    2.) Pampooty: I have no clue except that Kim's answer can't be topped.

    3) Gut foundered: Unbelievable.

    4) Lassy Bug: Even though I know the Lassy probably refers to a young girl in this case and not the beloved Lassie of animal fame, since I have dogs I can't help but go with a flea or tick. :)

    5) Toutin: Sounds French to me, so perhaps a tart you can eat.

    This reminds me of a game we once played back in the early 90s (Balderdash??) with some friends. The clue was "what was a skizzard" and someone guessed a lizard on a spit. Too funny.

  3. Okay, here's my guesses

    1) Jig House: place with fish jiggers?
    2) Pampooty: Kim's answer seems correct and I am giggling
    3) Gut foundered; I know this means sooooo hungry or my stomache thinks my throat was cut.

    good luck
    4) Lassy Bug...flies around a jar of molasses?
    5) Toutin: I know this one..fried bread dough in pork fat